King Meiler AS-1 (Made in Germany) 195/65/15

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All-season tyres “King Meiler All Season Tact AS-1”

Summer and winter tyres alternately, or better an all-season tyre? If the overall annual mileage is not too great, buying all-season tyres represents an excellent alternative to purchasing of different tyres for different seasons. If the tyre flank carries a M+S symbol, it means that this tyre is in compliance even with the obligation to use appropriate tyre depending on the season

The profile of “King Meiler”AS-1 developed and patented by Reifen Hinghaus offers both the adequate performance with low exterior noise in summer and sufficient grip, traction and lag under winter conditions. Our all-season “King Meiler” tyres All Season Tact AS-1 carry both the M+S symbol and the snowflake symbol on their flanges, which means that they passed the respective tests with excellent results.